A Good Idea Or Not ??

I'm sure that most people reading this page use (or have used) the TARGET html command so that every time a person goes OUTSIDE your site - it still leaves your own site 'open' in the viewers browser. EG:- <a href=" .... go to an external site link .... " target="_blank"></a> .

I must admit I'm the same as anyone else, in that once a 'viewer' arrives on site - I want them to say as long as possible - and read every inch of what I have to say - OR ELSE !!
But if everyone did the same - after a few minutes surfing - your bottom viewer bar would look like the 'Battle of the Somme' - with a million opened pages just sitting there, ready to read. Never mind the mess it makes of the bottom screen bar - it's likely to make your computer just give up the ghost and crash.

So I'm just suggesting that you use the above command sparingly. Try educating people to use the "open in new window" command (by right clicking your mouse on a link)- and give THE VIEWER the element of choice.

If visitors want to stay on-site - they will use "open in new window" - or use the back button if all else fails.

I hope this was food for thought

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