Geordieland, its people, language and culture. Find out exactly where it is; What its history is & Which Famous People were born there. View photographs of the area and appreciate its songs and local humour.

So WHERE exactly is Geordieland ??

geordieland map The answer to this question really depends on who you ask !!

I lived in Devon for nearly 30 years of my life and if you asked a Devonian (a Devonian is a Cider drinker in a white smock coat who is always chewing a bit of straw) to tell you where a Geordie came from they would most probably tell you that a Geordie is from the NorthEast of England.

I also worked in London for about 10 years and their definition would be very similar too - although some 'wags down there would tell you a Geordie is a scotsman with his head kicked in
(but thats merely the sad humour of those unfortunate enough to live in 'SARF LANDAN').

But if you live in Newcastle - you'll get a much more well defined answer than "The North-East". I've reproduced most of the local definitions on the site page called Geordie Defined which you can read later, but my own personal view of where Geordieland is located - is that it encompasses all the towns on both banks of the river Tyne.

From South Shields on the South Bank through Jarrow, Felling, Gateshead, Whickham, Blaydon (the Blaydon Races is the Geordie National Anthem), Ryton & Prudhoe.

From Tynemouth & North Shields on the North Side through Wallsend (where Emporer Hadrian started his wall), Byker (remember Byker-Grove on Telly), Newcastle, Heddon on the Wall & even Corbridge.

Its true to say I would also be happy to accept all the definition above plus the addition of anyone in the old County of Northumberland and a bit of County Durham too.

You may well note that I have excluded going any further South than those towns lying along the Southern Banks of the Tyne (TyneSIDE). The reason for this is that when you go just a few miles south down the coast you get to Sunderland. Now as any self respecting Geordie will tell you - Sunderland is 'MAKEM' country - a totally different breed of people who support a total different football team - and anyone who supports the 'Black Cats' CANNOT be classed as a true Geordie.

Now it must be said - I was actually born in 'West Hartlepool' (yes thats where they hung the Monkey - so I'm a MONKEY HANGER - ) - but I moved to North Shields in my 1st year - so I qualify for honarary Geordie status .....
..... However, there are a few more definitions of a Geordie on the next page - and I'll leave it to you to pick the definition you think most fitting.


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