The Country of Belarus and its History

This section of the website has information about the Country of Belarus - its history - the Belarusian Free Trade Unions - and a few external links as well.
The top banner is the colour of the Belarusian National Flag - while the small inset to the right of the banner is the Belarusian National Flag as it was in 1918 and 1991-1995.
The White-Red-White Flag represented the following - The white in the flag is an allusion to the name of the country - 'White Russia' (or 'White Ruthenia'). The red is for national freedom and the rising sun. White and red frequently appear in the national costumes of White Ruthenians.

The Country of Belarus THE COUNTRY OF BELARUS
This link is to a page all about the country of Belarus itself. It covers the Land and its Resources; its Population; its Economy; its Government; its History; the Collapse of Soviet Rule; and Belarus Since Independence.

This link is to a page about Belarusian Trade Unions (someone has to try and look after the ordinary people and workers out there). I have tried to explain their aims and objectives and even if you're not a 'died in the wool Trade Unionist' you must recognise the struggle they have to even survive.

Belarusian Popular Front logo BELARUSIAN POPULAR FRONT
The largest democratic political opposition to the communist regime of President Lukashenko.

charter 97 logo CHARTER 97
Charter 97 is a declaration signed by a group of over 100 Political, Academic and Cultural figures of the Republic of Belarus. The Charter is designed to promote Democracy in the Republic and is modeled on the Czechoslovak 'Charter 77' issued 20 years ago in Prague. Please visit the site as it contains lots of updated news and many articles of interest.

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