I started messing about with web-design over 30 years ago (I'm nearly 70 now) but what with leading a busy life and with many other things to do it all eventually went on the back burner. My health isnt 100% these days and I now spend a lot of time at home either watching TV (repeats) or doing jigsaw puzzles.

SO - to try and break free from my lethargy (noun - 'a lack of energy and enthusiasm') I have now bought myself some webspace (with GoDaddy) for the next 5 years - and I hope this will restore the lost fun of this previous hobby.

The website will be split into sections and maybe one of these sections might interest you - lets hope so. PLEASE IGNORE the top menu for the first moth as I sort out all the old website sections.

Lets just see what happens in the next few months !!

Jim Flack - 20 Feb 2020

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Site Update

20 Feb 2020
Closed website at Bear Canyon Hosting and started afresh at GoDaddy - lets see how all this transpires.
17 March 2008
All Genealogy has now been moved to

So now about the site:-

Jim Flack

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