The world has gone mad (maybe just me getting old)

If you visit the parts of this website that are STATIC pages (static = they start with ) then next to the web address in your web-browser there is a little icon with a red line through it - this means the website is 'insecure' and you shouldn't spend money online here (which you can't anyway).
Godaddy tells me I need to spend nearly £150 a year to buy a seperate security certificate if I want this icon to go away.

But if you visit the genealogy database part of the website (because its DYNAMIC - the web pages start with - then it seems to throw a wobbly and the pages give you a LARGE SCARY TEXT WARNING (Godaddy tells me this is normal). If you bypass the warning and are brave enough to proceed to the genealogy section then your computer remembers this next time and doesnt show warnings (for this website)

Let me assure you ON THIS WEBSITE- you are never asked for information such as passwords (all you are doing is looking) - you are never asked for money or credit cards or blank cheques. EVERYTHING HERE IS FREE
Its never done this on my previous server - so no idea why its doing it now - WEIRD.

Please follow this link to the VERY SCARY Genealogy Section.