So Whats an Emporium? (I hear you say)

My Chambers Dictionary defines an Emporium as "a shop, especially a large one selling a wide variety of goods".
Well this Emporium doesn't sell you anything (we give it all away free) but it is wide ranging in its content and I hope you enjoy your visit.

You should see all the different departments (sections) of the emporium on the top drop-down index - so please have a good rummage round as there should hopefully be something to interest you here. I have also detailed what's in each section just below here.

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Site Update

8 Nov 2016
Had to try and update the Photo Section as the UK Immigration Office is being a PAIN IN THE ASS
17 March 2008
All Genealogy has now been moved to
13 December 2005
Tree 71 & Tree 87
Delete Tree 87 (Edward Flack b1845) and add it to Tree 71 (John Flack b1706)
(188 people now in tree 71)
11 December 2005
Just finished adding loads of photos to the searchable database
Just have to get my mother to identify a load of the strays - she's good at it !!
18 Nov 2005
* Tree-037 (AMMENDED) *
John Flack (b.1581) and Katherine from Bartlow, Cambridgeshire.
(2026 people in tree)
12 Nov 2005
* Tree-001 (AMMENDED) *
(1) James Flack (b.1702) and Avice Willis from Shuddy Camps, Cambridgeshire.
(2) Elizabeth Flack (b.1770) and Edward Mansfield from Great Wilbraham, Cambridgeshire
(3) John Flack (b.1751) and Elizabeth Nottage from West Wickham, Cambridgeshire
(4) John Flack (b.1788) and Sarah Arber from Swaffham Bulbeck, Cambridgeshire
(5) William Flack (b.1753) and Sarah Fordham from Swaffham Bulbeck, Cambridgeshire
(20,444 people in tree)
11 Nov 2005
* Tree-29 (AMMENDED) *
Henry Flack (b.1760) and Elizabeth Reynolds (b.1762) from Lambourne, Essex
(489 people in tree)
1 June 2005
* Tree-49 (AMMENDED) *
John Flack (b.1713) and Ann from Hertfordshire
(476 people in tree)
* Tree-87 (NEW) *
Edward Flack (b.1845) and Mary Ann Smith from Westminster,Middlesex
(6 people in tree)
* Tree-86 (NEW) *
Thomas Flack (b.1805) and Charlotte Wheeler pos from Ilford, Essex.
(30 people in tree)
* Tree-12 (AMMENDED) *
John Flack (b.1731) and Maria Perring from Anstey, Hertfordshire.
(642 people in tree)
* Tree-85 (NEW) *
William Flack (b.1827) from London Middlesex
(12 people in tree)
* Tree-84 (NEW) *
Thomas Flack (b.1807) and Sarah from Essex.
(24 people in tree)
* Tree-82 (NEW) *
John Flack (b.1783) and Sarah Steed from Wicken, Essex.
(62 people in tree)
* Tree-55 DELETED *
Duplicate people now part of TREE-67.
* Tree-81 (NEW) *
John Flack (b.1780) and Sarah Gills from Whepstead, Suffolk.
(16 people in tree)
* Tree-80 (NEW) *
Henry Flack (b.1779) and Ann Plail from Chelmsford, Essex.
(16 people in tree)
* Tree-79 (NEW) *
William Flack (b.1545) amd Mary Rainmond / Mary Farrant from Saffrom Walden, Essex.
(9 people in tree)
* Tree-78 (NEW) *
George Flack (b.1807) and Elizabeth from Writtle, Essex.
(32 people in tree)
30 May 2005
* Tree-77 (NEW) *
William Flack (b.1827) from London Middlesex.
(24 people in tree)
* Tree-76 (NEW) *
Robert Flack (b.abt 1753) from Garboldisham, Norfolk.
(70 people in tree)
* Tree-75 (NEW) *
Thomas Flack(b.abt 1782) and Mary Carter from Chelsea, Middlesex.
(169 people in tree)
* Tree-74 (NEW) *
William Flack (b.abt 1710) and Elizabeth Wyrik from Cambridge.
(235 people in tree)
* Tree-73 (NEW) *
Alexander Forsyth Flack (b.abt 1789) and Ann Elizabeth from Bethnal Green, Middlesex
(22 people in tree)
* Tree-72 (NEW) *
John Flack (b.abt 1823) from Cambridge
(7 people in tree)
* Tree-71 (NEW) *
John Flack(b.1706) and Elizabeth Westwood from St.Lawrence Jewry, London
(145 people in tree)
* Tree-70 (NEW) *
William John Flack (b.abt 1794) and Jane from Hackney, Middlesex.
(4 people in tree)
* Tree-69 (NEW) *
Thomas Flack(b.abt 1794) and Esther Elizabeth from St.Marylebone/Chelsea, Middlesex.
(4 people in tree)
* Tree-68 (NEW) *
Henry Flack (b.abt 1611) and Alice Alden from Gt.Wilbraham
(8 people in tree)
28 May 2005
* Tree-67 (NEW) *
William Flack (b.1646) and Barbara ?? from Wattisfeld, Suffolk
(134 people in tree)
* Tree-66 (NEW)
Robert Flack (b.1776) and Susanna ?? from St Botolph, London,
(8 people in tree)
* Tree-65 (NEW)
Thomas Flack (b.1666) and Marsha Hunt from Chevington, Suffolk.
(16 people in tree)
27 May 2005
* Tree-64 (NEW) *
Thomas Flack (b.1735) and Jane McCuistion from Pennsylvania, USA.
(266 people in tree)
* Tree-63 (NEW) *
John Flack (b.1743) and Frances Ashby - died Wattisfield, Suffolk.
(5 people in tree)
* Tree-62 (NEW) *
Abraham Flack (b.1793) and Ann Percy from Walsham le Willows, Suffolk.
(13 people in tree)
* Tree-8 *
James Flack (b.1735) and Hannah Whyte from Pennsylvaia, USA. LARGE update to the tree.
(2875 people in tree)
20 May 2005
* Tree60 (NEW) *
James Flack (b.1730/1770) and Mary ?? from Virginia, USA.
(2510 people in tree).
Also for this tree I have added some source documents and photos.
19 May 2005
* Tree 61 (NEW) *
Male Flack born about1795. His children were Ann (b.1820), William Henderson (b.1832) and Owen M Flack (b.1835) - all children born Pennsylvania, USA.
(14 people in tree)
12 May 2005
* New Tree43 - Descendants of William Flack, b.1804 pos Surrey.Spouse Jane Wood (34 people in Tree)
10 May 2005
* Added new head of Family and descendants - Ambrose Flack b.abt 1739, Wendens Ambo, Essex - to existing Tree3 (John Flack b.1700 Bottisham)
* Combined Tree30 and Tree7 - descendants of Henry Flack born 1566 and Descendants of Aaron Flack b. abt 1704. New is Tree30 (597 people)
* New Tree7 - Descendants of John Flack b abt 1797 Huntingdonshire. (15 people)
9 May 2005
* Added to Tree29 - Descendants of Henry Flack, Lambourne, Essex - (now 305 in tree)
8 May 2005
* ammendments to Tree 1, Goodchild, Butler & Reeves from Joan Barry & Catherine Reed.
7 May 2005
* New Tree 59 - Descendants of Jeremiah Flack b. abt 1780 possibly Middlesex. (24 people)
* Combined Trees 58 and 43 thanks to information from Kay Edgeworth (now 110 people in tree 58)
6 May 2005
* Ammend Ambrose Flack's Descendants tree (Tree 58) - now 48 people.
* Ammend Henry Flack's Descendant tree (Tree 43) - now 47 people.
5 May 2005
* New Descendants tree (tree 58) for Ambrose Flack born 1655, pos Little Welnetham, Suffolk, England (39 people).
* New descendants tree (tree 43) for Henry Flack born 1700, Hundson, Suffolk, England (38 people).
4 May 2005
* Updated tree24. Ambrose Flack born 1776 - new information from Fran Myles.
* Added Descendants of Joseph Flack, born about 1794 in Kent.
1 May 2005
* Website 95% complete now. About 4 more pages to re-create. Waiting on google for site search to take effect. Pictures to add in genealogy section.

So now about the site:-

The whole Genealogy section has now been moved permanently to

Please do visit Handel's page - he really did produce some magic music (Yes I know the undigitalised music is even better, but this is the best I can do over the internet - so listen and appreciate (please).

I also have a Web Design section. Not because I'm brilliant at web design, but I have discovered that I've found out so much about it since I started (and LOTS about how to do things WRONG) - that I thought it would be a good idea to sort of catalogue some of the tips I have been given myself to try and help brand new web designers as they start out themselves.

I've also done a section on Geordieland (I actually have the music for the Blaydon Races and will add it when time permits).

Read about the Country of Belarus and their struggle for freedom. I visited there as a Trade Union Tutor in 1999 and was impressed with their sincerity and their perseverance.

If you have the time - then do visit the Basement and and have a browse around the miscellaneous stuff down there.

And Finally - This website should work in all current web-browsers, but if something doesn't seem to work - or you come across any dead links on my site please e-mail me and let me know and I'll either fix them or remove them.
Also - any other helpful comments or criticisms are always appreciated.
One always strives for perfection - but YOUR HELP will help.

Jim Flack

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